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Legislative in Indonesian, this is a theme of the articles that I created with the hope will benefit every reader.First, I will discuss about the laws in Indonesia law is a tool of social engineering, tool of impose sanction, and tool of social control. Indonesia is a country which uses civil law system in the goverment. civil law of Indonesian system leads to the division of power in government. it is divided into three parts of trias politica consisting of the executive, legislative, and judicative. the function of the trias politica most important is to prevent arbitrariness by the leader. the trias politica impact for the public, which is seen from the democracy that allowed in Indonesia. the public can play an active role in their opinions.

Next, on the condition of Indonesia consists of several islands and a diverse culture. diverse society caused many problems so many rules that must be made ​​to taking care of the people. Indonesia is a country that is full of great history, a few years ago Indonesia had experienced during the colonial period, but now Indonesia has been independent and determine their own destiny. at the beginning of independence, Indonesia has established the ground rules called the UUD 1945 to set the public,UUD 1945 has been amended due to amendments to the present era influenced the development and emergence of various problems in society .

Next, I will discuss more about the condition of Indonesian law. law in Indonesia affected three aspects, it is the substance, structure, and culture. many problems in three aspects in the current condition in Indonesia. fact, Indonesia is now continuously uphold justice for society and create prosperity, not only were many people who helped in establishing good governance. currently in Indonesia, many regulations are well made but they participate breaking, but there are many people who are struggling for justice.

Indonesia has a legislative duty to make laws, and the legislative consists of MPR (majelis permusyawaratan rakyat), DPR (dewan perwakilan rakyat), DPRD(dewan perwakilan rakyat daerah). then, DPR at least once every five years in Jakarta to discuss the annual meeting or a meeting about a circumstances. MPR (A high state institutions consisting of members of DPR and DPRD. MPR has historically been a state supreme institution based on the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia, 1945. However, after the amendment of the Constitution 1945, MPR is no longer the highest state institution, but only high state institutions. based upon the 1945 amendment to MPR has functions including: 1) changes and establish the Constitution, 2) inaugurated President and Vice President on the basis of the election results immediately in a public session of the MPR , 3) determine the proposal the House based on the decision of the Constitutional Court to dismiss the President and Vice President in his tenure as President and Vice President were given the opportunity to convey the explanation in the plenary session, 4) inaugurated the Vice President becomes President, when the President die, resign , laid off or unable to carry out duties, 5) elect the Vice President from the two candidates proposed kekososngan President in the event the position of Vice President in his tenure not later than sixty days, 6) elect the President and Vice President if both quit together in his tenure.

And then, DPR is a state agency that has 560 members and swear in front MAHKAMAH AGUNG (JUDICIAL).

1.  To making the laws are discuss with the President for approval with
2.   Discuss and give or not give consent to the governments at Regulation in Lieu of Law
3. Receive and discuss the draft proposal put forward by the Law Council relating to the field of regional autonomy, the relationship between the center and the regions, the establishment, expansion, and merger of regions, management of natural resources and economic resources other mark, as well as relating to the financial balance between the center and the regions and enroll in the early discussion first level.
4. Pay attention to above considerations DPD Bill State Budget and Draft Unda ng relating to taxes, education, and religion in the early first-level talks
5. DPR has Establishing the State Budget and the President by taking into consideration the DPD
6. DPR has a duty to discuss and act on the results of monitoring proposed by the Council on the implementation of the law on regional autonomy, establishment, expansion and merger of regional, national and local relations, natural resources and other economic resources, the implementation of the State Budget, taxation, education, and religion

Finally, DPRD is a form of representative body of the people (parliament) in areas of provincial / district / city that serves as an element of the regional administration in conjunction with local government

The function of DPRD are there ;
1. legislative function, associated with the formation of local regulations.
2. function of the budget, the Authority in the budget area (budget)
3. oversight function, the power to control the execution of regulations and other regulations and government policies.

DPRD has the right of interpellation, the inquiry, and the right to express opinions. Members of DPRD have the right to propose draft regulations, ask questions, submit suggestions and opinions, vote and be elected, self-defense, immunity, orientation and deepening of tasks, protocol, as well as financial and administrative.

DPRD has the right to ask the local level state officials, local government officials, legal entities, or members of the public to provide information. If the demand is not complied with, then the call can be forced (in accordance with the legislation). If the call is not met force without a valid reason, the question may be held hostage a maximum of 15 days (according to legislation).

Thus, this is an article from me and I hope I can give the benefit of the readers. Do not forget to comment or critique.


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